She smiled to herself as she turned onto the motorway.

An adventure.  All for herself.

They had been exploring for a while.  Sending messages, chatting. And then he had suggested meeting!

She had been unsure at first. It was a big step. To move from flirtation to exposing yourself to him in real life, to the possibility of attraction, and to the potential for the opposite.

She tried to listen to the radio. It bored her. She just wanted to be at the hotel.


He was travelling too, With similar thoughts.. excitement, anticipation, fear.

An adventure of his making. Of his desires.

What if she didn’t like him in person. What if he wasn’t to her taste? Too late to turn back.  He was committed.


She drew into the courtyard of the hotel, covered in wisteria, an old, stone building. This was it. She took her bag from the car and entered.

She went to the desk and introduced herself. There was a reservation for her. And an envelope.  She took it and went to the lift to find her room.

Oh, it was lovely. A large room, with a four poster bed and a big bathroom.

There were flowers and a package on the bed.

His gift to her, read the note. She unwrapped the most beautiful dress. Black, satin, slightly stiff, with a wide skirt. The bodice cut low. And underneath a basque. Black satin too, with a pair of unbelievably soft silk stockings.

Her phone buzzed. He had messaged her.  “Be ready at 7. I will be waiting at the bar.”

She had an hour. Plenty of time.

She showered, dressed in her new clothes. They fit perfectly and she was aware of her body under the dress. He had not provided knickers…as she had predicted.

She pulled on her patent heels…high and pointed. She was ready.


She entered the bar and saw him immediately. His broad back was turned. He wore a suit as black as her dress.

He turned and saw her and she saw lust in his eyes. Unmistakable. She smiled. She liked him. She fancied him. It would be good.


They went through to the restaurant, his hand guiding her on the small of her back. She quivered slightly. They were guided to a table in the corner, their seats at right angle to each other.

He said, “Hi, I am so happy that you came.”

He ordered for them. He had studied the menu and chose well. Potted crab, duck. With rich wines.

He asked what she wanted next and she was silent. He gently rose, eased her from her chair and guided her by the arm to the lifts.


In the lift he kissed her. Full and deep. She felt his longing. They walked towards her room.

At the door he quietly whispered, “I have had a lovely evening. I want you. And will respect your choice. If you open the door, you will be mine. If you ask me to leave, I will hope for another time.”

He looked deep into her eyes.  She felt her body respond. She slipped the key into the lock and opened the door. “Come”, she said.


They entered. He closed the door and took her in his arms. Holding, pressing against her.

She opened herself. She wanted. She looked up at this beautiful man, and he kissed her.

She knew now. She knew with all her being. She wanted this. She wanted him.

He kissed wonderfully, gently then hard, opening  her lips with his tongue, his hands stroking her back and her bum. Oh she wanted him. She wanted it all.

She felt the zip at the back of her dress being opened. His fingers stroking her bare back. The dress slipped to the floor and he stood back.

“You are beautiful. I want you.”

His words touched her more deeply than she had expected. She felt alive, wet, open.

Standing in her heels, stockings and basque she felt exposed and powerful. Oh fuck this was what she had wanted.


He told her to pull down the basque…to bare her breasts. And she did. Brazen, daring and so turned on.

He leaned in to kiss her breasts, sucking and stroking her nipples with his broad tongue.

She quivered. Just this. Just this was what she needed.

He pulled her, pushed her, handled her.

She was kneeling, her upper body on the bed.

His big hands ran up her thighs, pressing her legs open.

“Oh, yes.”, she thought.

He told her to hold her position. To let him see. To gaze.

She felt her pussy twitch at his commanding tone!

His hands moved over her thighs and bum, stroking, enflaming, teasing.

His hand reached to take her wrists, one hand gripping easily to hold her hands behind her back.

She felt her legs slide wider. An involuntary response.

And at last. At last, she felt his cock. Hard and pressed against her cunt.

She wanted him. To be used. To be fucked.

And he pressed into her. Her pussy responded, exploded with her juices.

She was being fucked by this man. This man who had opened her and teased her. Had explored her mind and was now exploring her deeply.

Her eyes closed. All of her sensation in her body, her pussy, her breasts pressed into the bed.

She pushed back on his hard cock.

She wanted.

Oh, yes.

Oh fuck.

He was taking her. He wanted her.

He spanked her. It sent a shiver through every deepness she owned.

Oh..she felt it. Her body responding. Her pussy gripping.

He gasped, fucking her hard and fast.

He wanted her. He owned her body. He was alive in her cunt.

And they dissolved together, coming hard, their bodies spasming. Fuck yes. This this this.

He stroked her back.

They moved together.

Taking their place beside each other. Each sovereign, each owned. Sublime.