cumshot (2)

He had told her little on the phone.  Just a place to be and a time.  Oh, and detailed instructions on what to wear.

She got ready slowly, wanting to look her best for him, as she always did.  She took a long bath, did her hair, her nails – blood red.  She wore little make up except for the dark red lipstick that he liked.

She stood in front of the mirror, liking what she saw.  Her black hair was long now, framing her face, her dark eyes glinting and the wide mouth she was especially proud of – her smile was what he said he had first noticed about her.  Her breasts were full and the nipples a nice size.  Her waist was slim and her legs long.  Yes, she felt good. She felt powerful.

She turned to look over her shoulder – the marks were almost gone – it was too long since she had seen him.  Too long since he had last flogged her so deliciously.

She dressed – a basque which pushed her breasts up high and the fishnet stockings he had insisted on. No knickers of course – she would have been surprised if he had said anything else.  The dress – black, floating around her legs but clinging to her bust, with thin straps.  And the very high black stilettos.  A shawl finished off the look.

And now for the final touch, which he had insisted she do only after she was fully dressed. She prepared herself, a little lubricant smeared on the instrument before she reached under her dress to spread herself and insert the plug into her arse.  She hadn’t been allowed this for weeks and it hurt her until she relaxed and adjusted to the twitch of her muscles as they squeezed this intruder.

She waited for the taxi.  Wondering what he had in store for her.  She hoped it was the leather strap – she loved it.  It hurt so much, left her aching, wanting, yearning until he pushed his cock inside her, dissolving her pain into such extreme pleasure.

She wriggled a little during the taxi ride.  This plug was slightly bigger than the last one and just a little uncomfortable.  She hoped that she wasn’t too wet.  She didn’t want to leave a stain on the seat.  Fuck, she was so turned on.  They hadn’t been together for over three weeks.  She needed him, wanted him, lusted for him so much.

She arrived at the address – a tall townhouse – and almost ran up they steps. She rang the bell and the door opened almost immediately.  There were no lights on, but his voice told her to step inside, to keep walking, to turn left, enter the next room, and to put down her shawl and her bag.

She complied, knowing that he was setting the scene, knowing that he wanted her, moving carefully in the pitch black.

She felt him come behind her, telling her not to move, as he slowly kissed her neck. She shivered, loving the touch of his hands on her waist and those lips raising the hairs on the back of her neck.

He slowly unzipped her dress and pulled it up and over her head, letting it drop to the floor beside her.  She waited, knowing that this was her role, to await his pleasure.

He took her hands, one by one, attaching the leather cuffs and fastening them somewhere so that her arms were raised and spread.  She wanted him to see her now, her breasts were thrust forward and firm as she grew more and more aroused, waiting for the moment when he would start her journey.  She could feel her cunt, wet already, opening slightly, expectant as he reached down, gently pressing the plug deeper into her arse, as if checking that she had followed his instructions.

He placed a blindfold over her eyes, then caressed her face with his fingertips, just for a moment, but showing his care for her in just that small gesture.

She heard the sound of matches striking – Oh God, candle play.  She felt herself flinch, and then became conscious of other sounds, of movement in the room, the creak of furniture.

She felt him move close.  He kissed her, his hands on the back of her neck, pulling her mouth against his.  He was so fucking good at turning her on.

He removed the blindfold and stood in front of her, meeting her eyes in the soft light now provided by lamps and candles.  He kissed her again, this time reaching around to pull her whole body against his.  She felt his cock press against her through his clothes, his scent surrounding her.

Now he moved away and she cried out with surprise.  They were not alone in the room. Straight in front of her, hidden before by his body, there was a table. Spread on the table was a naked woman, tied firmly on her back, her legs and arms spread, her face obscured by a mask.

“Fuck”, she thought, “What was going on?”

Her lover slowly removed his clothes, revealing his body, his strength showing in the muscles moving under his skin.  She wanted him to hold her, to reassure her, but knew not to ask at this moment.

He approached the woman on the table, reaching out to touch her cunt, pressing his fingers inside her, spreading her lips.  He moved to the other end of the table, pressing the woman’s head back as he introduced his hard cock to her mouth.  She couldn’t see properly, but she could sense that he was pressing it deep into her, sliding it over her tongue and into her throat.

He thrust again, this time raising his head to meet her gaze, a smile touching the corners of his mouth as the woman took him deep, her tongue busy, stroking his shaft.

He moved again and this time climbed on the table between the woman’s legs, hardly pausing before pushing into her cunt, keeping himself raised so that she could see his cock disappear.  He pulled out and started rhythmically fucking her, his cock pushing deep each time, the woman’s hips rising slightly to meet him.

She could not tear her eyes from the sight of this man, the one she adored, fucking another.  She whimpered slightly, but more through excitement than through pain.  She could almost feel his cock inside her and squirmed in her bonds.

His body tensed in the way she knew so well.  He was about to come.  Fuck, he was about to come inside another woman while she was there.  He had promised that he would never do that without her agreement!  She pulled on the cuffs holding her back, and then watched as he pulled his cock out, just before his climax.  He moved to the side of the table and with a few short strokes of his hand, he came, spurting over the woman’s body, her stomach, her breasts.

He came to her again, putting his arms around her, holding her close and whispered in her ear, “I kept my promise.  Now keep yours.”

He untied her and led her to the table where the woman lay still bound.  She knew what she had to do.  She had promised always to drink his cum whenever he told her to. Trembling, she bent over the woman.  She stretched out her tongue and started to lick across her body, following the trails of white liquid.  She tasted the woman’s skin, as she lapped between her breasts, then finding more spattered over them.  She looked closely and, satisfied that she had found every last drop, she turned to him.

He led her to a room next door and told her to wait.

He went out, presumably to release the other woman, and then returned.  She could tell by his face that he was pleased with her.  Pleased that she had known what to do and had followed his instructions.  Pleased that he was with her, holding her, his mouth on hers as they tasted his cum together.

He made her kneel over the sofa and slowly pulled out the butt plug.  He briefly showed her the paddle he held in his hand.  Fuck yes, she needed that now.

As she received the blows he gave her, she flooded with love for this man, the one who understood what she needed, who had brought to life the scene she had emailed to him a few weeks before.

And she flooded in other ways as he now fucked her, taking her deep inside herself with every stroke of his cock.