Written at request…


He woke her so softly, a stroke on her arms.

He felt her warm body, studied her charms.

She stirred, shedding dreams, the drum of her mind.

And recalled the sweet night and the contract she signed.


It gave him the right to use her at will.

To fill her and open her, holding her still

As his cock took her deep, so hard (and so large).

To take what he wanted, command and take charge.


Last night he had tied her with grace and with strength.

He’d teased her and played with her pussy at length.

He touched her so sexily, stroking her flank.

And moved on to give what she wanted, his spank.


Now she woke fully, speaking his name.

He growled and he kissed her with passion aflame.

She opened her legs, the heat rising from thighs

That demanded much more – and her gaze met his eyes.


She lowered her mouth to his cock with a grin,

She patiently swallowed the whole of it in.

He realised then he was utterly smitten.

He’d found her, his very own slut, Kinky Kitten