Entering the dark place, embracing the loss of hope.

Sitting on your back, the weight coiled like rope.

Sinking to depths you had not known, til now.

The deep pressured closing in, which you endow

With horrors, known and ghostly. seen and ignored.

The terror of truth. You: openly flawed.


The disillusion, opening the pain

Of knowing yourself, knowing no gain

Will come of this; no easy passing.

The would is open, gushing, all-encompassing.

Understanding every broken part of your soul.

Fearing to hope. Accepting your own goal.


Have you been here? Come, join the fun.

But bring – at the very least – bring a gun.

Bring the ways and means to end the yolk.

Bring the laughter, force the killing joke.

Join me in my pit, my wild despair.

It draws you in, the monster in its lair.