The instant I saw you, gracing our lives

I knew you had something – that same thing that drives

Men to distraction and women to wonder

That beauty as yours was here for the plunder.


I stopped. You were more than

The sum of your beauty, and so I began

To engage my full being, to question

Myself and my need for a full quick possession.


You spoke. And you screamed out in passion,

In suffering your truth. I felt you devour your ration

Of treatment so sour and so poor

That you closed up your heart and closed up your door.


I made myself small and I looked for the key.

The way to your heart – not just tea and sympathy.

I told you the thoughts that came clear and strong.

You told me that I was both right and wrong.


We continue to strive for the place we can dive

Into new explorations of closeness. To drive

Ourselves deeper to knowledge, to deep understanding.

To wisdom and more, to a closer expanding.


To you, to you I give my gifts.