Peeling away layers; the shame, the guilt,

The fear of failure, the not good enough.

Dropping them slowly, those things inbuilt.

Feeling them slide off, a gentle slough.


Matching your time to the music, the beat

Which pounds in your body; moves your soul.

Then slows, you change your attack through your feet.

Alive now and dropping your self-control.


This dance, which invites you to joy in its fire.

Invites you to share on your altar aflame.

Invites you to show your naked desire

As you gently remove every stitch of your shame.


You join with another or two or three more.

Desiring the truth which their touch surely brings.

In anger and love. In darkness you roar.

Your strength makes you supple, your muscles sing.


And slowly you show yourself true and in pain,

And also in happiness, chasing your dreams.

The trace of another’s warm flesh and you strain

To maintain all five senses, to loosen the seams.


Then tied to another, in their soft embrace,

Created by trust and by conscious abandon

Their scent and yours mingled, you melt in the space

The magic, the open desire felt in tandem.


The memory stays of a magical time.

When everyone gathered to share their true place.

When every word spoken was conscious of rhyme;

And our bodies were open to feelings of grace.