I was cooking our tea, a curry it seems,

When you came to me hungry for starters.

You looked like the women I see in my dreams.

You’d stripped to your stockings and garters.


You sashayed around, making sure I had noticed

Your beauty, as your hips and ass flowed

You sucked on your lip, and then you just focused

Your gaze on the bulge in my trousers (which showed).


You took me in hand and unbuttoned the band

Of fabric which opened my fly.

You pulled down my pants, and I felt your hand.

Then you kissed me from base to eye.


I pushed myself deep and you raised your view

To reach mine as you sucked on my pleasure.

You made my shaft wet and then began all anew,

Then sucked me as if I were treasure.


You nibbled and played and you stroked me all round.

You held me in deep in your throat.

You kneeling before me, my feet on the ground

As your mouth sang in all the right notes.


I stood and could feel every move of your lips

As you made me so thoroughly hard.

I groaned as you licked me and circled your hips.

I softened and lowered my guard.


You took me in deep, and reached round my hips

To finger my arse as you worked me so boldy.

With every touch and with every mix

Of your body and me you enthralled me.


And now I was panting, my cock was so ready

To burst, then I felt you withdraw.

You told me to wait, to hold myself steady.

To follow the orgasmic law –


Which states in big letters, as you surely know

That gentlemen wait, on every date

And ladies come first, and let it be so.

On that promise we dressed and we ate!