We woke: entwined, naked and hot.

Our arms and bodies, entangled in knots.

My hand found your wetness and opened you gently.

Caressing your thighs and your pussy intently.


You stirred and you writhed and your legs opened wider.

My fingers explored and then danced like a spider,

which traces its circles to build up its web;

And silkily followed your flow and your ebb.


My touch then encircled you, slowly and surely.

I knew how you liked to be touched. And securely

I held your sweet centre between thumb and finger.

Deliciously, gently, I let myself linger.


Your breathing was fast as you lay there in rapture.

You tensed and released and I wanted to capture

That moment forever. Too soon it had passed.

That glorious moment, it needed to last.


I moved to embrace you a different way

With my arms round your legs and kneeling to pray

To your cunt; my lips and my tongue just exploring.

You held my head down and I heard you imploring.


I licked you so gently, my fingers just touching

Your lips as I tasted you, your hands were clutching

The sheets on each side as your back arched and raised.

We shared a short glance and your eyes were all glazed.


I stroked your sweet taste to my mouth as I focused

My tongue on your clitoris; opened your lotus.

and held your thighs wide as my tongue slipped inside.

You bucked and your rocked again, mouth open wide.


You reached for me, wanted me, opened your thighs.

I laid close and opened you, pushing inside.

Your nails grazed my back and then dug in; you wanted me

Hard and inside you and stroking you free.


We moved so deliciously, raising our game.

Each thrust of my hips was fanning the flame

Of our passion, our lust and the opening glory.

Just adding a touch to our unending story.


You quivered and held me as waves of sensation

Took both of us over; and in adoration

We clutched as our juices were mingled and joined.

And our voices were open with cries and with groans.


You chuckled, “Three times?” I joined you in laughter.

Our joy was infectious, and always thereafter

We talked of our morning, our three time enjoyment.

The wonderful time; let’s recapture that moment.