Monsieur Lerope has numerous friends,

Who vie for his touch and his twists and his bends.

They clamour to feel his remarkable fibre

(And then they confess to this scandalous scriber).


So Julie told me of his softness and strength,

And his marvellous reach and his wonderful length.

He took her in hand and he showed her his tricks

And now she relies on him to get her kicks.


Jacky confessed that she wanted to feel

His stroke on her flesh, which would cause her to squeal.

Monsieur Lerope was glad to comply

And he raised a few bruises and really let fly.


Caroline knew, as she ventured to see him

That he was the man who would make her blue eyes swim

With tears of joy and then tears of lust.

Oh Monsieur Lerope, you have them all trussed.


And Annie and Sue and their friend, who is nameless,

Decided to challenge him, oh they were shameless.

They taunted him cruelly; and then they were quiet.

His lashes so sweet made all three of them silent.


He carves out his path through the women of town.

And uses his skill to beat them hands down.

Monsieur Lerope is the ladies’ sweet lover.

With his skills and his harshness, their kinks he uncovers.


And when all is done and the women are squirming

He looks at the marks on their bodies, confirming

The beauty of pain is the beauty of hope.

Oh thank you, the masterful, Monsieur Lerope.

I came across a satirical poem by John Wilomot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, entitled “Signior Dildo”.  You can read it here if you wish.  Anyway, it inspired this one!