Outside, I hear the sounds of the street.

I lie here, bound by my hands and feet.

You left me – to be ready; to prepare.

I feel your absence on my body so bare.


The breeze plays across my naked skin.

I wonder how I let you so far in.

To give myself, my body to your tender care.

To open my mind and soul: a passion rare.


To find you. To explore our lust

For life and all we discover. It’s just

Ours, and we are playing with the edge.

Of what we know. Of what we pledge.


I hear you. Entering the room.

Your heels precise, your delicate perfume.

You touch me once, to reassure my mind.

Enjoying my confusion, my being blind.


Shit! The caress of wax, so burning hot.

Hardening on my body, you found a soft spot.

Again, you drip the burning, liquid fire.

Enjoying my cries; the pain that you inspire.


This is close. This is all I wanted to be.

This is pain and pleasure, and all so carefree.

Because all the pain and pleasure is shared.

And all we do is how we can be repaired.


I find my edge and settle into sensation.

Half way between saying no and pure elation.

Keep me there, in tune with this desire.

It makes me understand, to know the fire.