“Oh, go on”, she said, “I’ve made preparations.

I’ve bought the supplies, I have high expectations.”

She handed me then a thick coil of rope,

A pair of sharp scissors; her eyes full of hope.


It was clear what she meant, with her hints and suggestions,

No room for a doubt, no hint of a question.

She wanted to play being tied up and bound

And used as a fuck toy and screwed up and down.


I took the black rope and tried it for size.

Its softness surprised me. And now to baptise

Her limbs with some knots of incredible strength;

To bind her with pretty designs – and at length.


I started quite cleverly, tying her wrists.

Then moved up her arms with a tease and a twist.

She wriggled a little and then she was still.

She found the restriction a beautiful thrill.


I was slow and methodical tying the cord.

I was neat and I found that the more I explored,

The more I aroused myself, seeing her there.

The patterns I wove made her torso more bare.


I tied up her ankles and then in a flash,

I hog-tied my woman, exposing her ass.

She moaned as I fingered her, asked me for more.

She gasped as I pushed myself deep in her core.


“Oh Rachel”, I cried, as I entered her cunt.

“You’re mine now, I’ll take you” –  I started to grunt.

What more could I ask?  What kinky desire

Would satisfy this. Oh, I know – barbed wire!