We decided to fuck; it seemed the right time.

We’d met at least twice and finished the wine.

A kiss would be good, or so we imagined,

Til our teeth clashed loudly, which dampened the passion.

We sorted that out and locked lips together.

Oh dear, your mouth! (It tasted like leather.)

A brush of your gums and we started again,

Much better, oh yes, but I got a mouth strain.


We moved on – or down; I massaged your breasts,

Whose ample curvaciousness took my caress.

I managed to elbow you hard in the thigh.

You called me a bastard and spat in my eye.

What now? I moved down, with my tongue all a-quiver.

I touched your sweet pussy, you started to shiver.

I thought it was lust but no, you were freezing.

I had to get up to turn up the heating.


We settled again, with you open before me.

Your legs wide apart, your sex in its glory.

My cock was so hard that it threatened to burst

But no, our first fuck was suddenly cursed.

The phone rang – my mother. Oh sod what a time

To tell me the news that she broke her clothes line!

I grumbled and swore and she soon got upset.

She left us and now I made sure you were wet.


I put on a condom and placed my cock there.

You whimpered and mewled and growled like a bear.

I started to enter, enjoying your tightness,

You stopped me and said (with utmost politeness),

“Is is OK if we don’t after all?

I think I have cramp.  There’s a sale at the mall.

I’d better get back to my cat and my pony.

I promised my brother I’d cook minestrone.”


We might try again, when conditions are right,

When we both sober up, one dark winter night.

What a night we will have, just full of elation

If not, I’ll enjoy my lone masturbation