I close my eyes, giving myself to you.

To you, my trusted partner in desire.

I lie still here, waiting for your cue,

The touch of your hand, the touch of your fire.


I feel your touch, tying the band of black,

The silk, the blindfold darkening my world.

Just this, supine, my desire hanging back.

The pause as you prepare, the whip unfurled.


You tie my wrists, my feet, solid, bound.

Then walk around me, stepping so neat.

Pausing, just to enjoy. You found

My soul, open to you , ready to meet.


You struck my thigh, the whip taut, stinging.

Again, again, again. Take my pain.

The blood flows through my veins, ringing

The best of me, the best of you, your reign.


The whip cracks my crack, entices my cock.

Fuck, that hurt, but as it should.

Carry on, my love, don’t time yourself or watch the clock,

I am yours, yours, my love, yours for good.