“Fuck! Now! I want you! Now!”

We had been travelling,

Enticing each other with how

We yearned, each tale unraveling

Into basic needs, into sex.

The door closed, we clutched

Each other, wildly, my hand

Inside your skirt, as I touched

Your thighs, following your command

To stroke you here –  and then to reach inside.

The floor was hard, wood.

We struggled towards the stair,

Your fingers undo me, I feel you flood.

I pull hard, feeling the fabric tear.

Your flesh bare, my hand guiding you open.

You reached for me, guiding my cock

Placing it where you needed to feel full.

I paused, as an athlete in the starting blocks,

This time a sprint, each thrust also a pull.

Gathering me as I press into you.

It was quick. Fast. Finished for now.

My juices inside you, your legs still open.

We relax, our limbs tumbling together to allow

The place where we explore our emotion.

“Fuck! Now! I want you! Now!”