We met, on a rocking train, both worse for wear, torn by wine,

We smiled.  The best way to greet.  We nodded, just fine.

That night we drank brandy, at your place, the tidy, neat spread

You called home.  The only room which truly warmed me held your bed.

We talked, fumbled, drank, slept. Woke before the alarm, to find our skin

Sliding against our skin.  I kissed your breasts, you sighed, invited me in.

You were tight – not from drink but your sex.  I later found out

Your preference was to be turned about.

So we fucked.  I took your cunt and your arse – your preference!

You opened yourself, surrendered – and feigned indifference.

It lasted a while, dancing around the lust and longing, the need.

The sex was good, the time we spent was weird, both looking to feed

On each other. to meet our wants in ways that helped us forget the past.

Oh, you know, I don’t care so much. Just this. We had a blast.